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The Deschutes County Event Center

Redmond, OR

The Fair & Expo, recipient of a Building a Better Central Oregon Design Award, is home to myriad events. The Events Center seats 4,000 for rodeos, 5,000 for basketball, and 7,800 for concerts. Features include 279,000 SF of covered space; 40,000 SF of floor space; 28,250 SF of concourse; two concession areas; a score clock, television broadcast satellite and intercom connections; covered adjacent warm up arena; and structural support to “fly” 75,000 lbs of sound and lighting equipment.

“… They provided complete design services for the Deschutes County Expo Center and numerous other projects for Deschutes County under a three year indefinite service engagement . . . the $30 million fairgrounds project, the most complicated project ever undertaken by Deschutes County was successfully completed within budget and on time…”

Richard L. Isham
Deschutes County Legal Counsel (Retired)