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Madras City Hall & Police Station

Madras, OR

Steele Associates Architects designed this project to replace the existing Madras City Hall and Police Station. A master plan was generated through highly interactive collaboration with the City to envision optimum development of the site and future facilities. Graphics and other materials facilitated funding in strategic phases. This new 20,000 SF facility will serve to alleviate the crowded and unpleasant conditions at the existing facilities and offer an efficient sustainably-designed facility to serve the City and its constituents well into the future.

“…we had the bid opening for the Madras Police Station…the bids were terrific, within the overall budget and we are going to get to build this vital facility as planned! No “value engineering” will be necessary. This is the ultimate high compliment to the architectural firm of Steele and Associates and their cost estimator…”

Mike Morgan, City Administrator (Retired)
City of Madras