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FedEx Ground

Various Locations

FedEx Ground, Fife, WA. STEELE designed this multi building satellite complex of 230,000 SF The project consists of the design of three concrete tilt-up buildings in a new industrial park outside the city of Fife, WA.

The program is comprised of a large distribution center, security gateway building, vehicle maintenance garage and a locker shelter structure.

FedEx Ground, Bend, OR. STEELE designed this new site and building in Bend, OR.

FedEx Ground, Coos Bay, OR. STEELE designed this new site and building in Coos Bay, OR.

FedEx Ground, Troutdale, OR. Expansion of Hub Main Facility, Trailer Service Building, Load Wing, Parking Area.

FEDEX Ground, Phoenix, AZ. STEELE designed this facility expansion and line haul office addition. The program consisted of New Load Wing expansion, New Line Haul Office Addition, several areas of site improvements that handle semi-truck/trailer parking and reconfiguration of large storm swale.