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Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing

Redmond, OR

Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, recipient of the 2008 Behlen Building of the Year Award, is a 90,000 SF new manufacturing and warehouse facility for the production of fuel storage tanks and bladders. The company manufactures fabric, rubber and plastic fuel cells for a wide variety of applications from NASA to NASCAR. There is also an 8,000 SF administration office component adjacent to the manufacturing and storage areas. The building design also implemented many sustainable design strategies to ensure energy efficiency, reduce water and waste consumption.

“I am pleased to report that the facility you designed is serving us well and have become the ‘buzz’ among our customers and neighbors. Though I am 3,000 miles away, I wanted to personally express my appreciation… for your ‘concept-to-christening’ roll in bringing our ‘dream-home’ a reality.”

Peter J. Regna, Chairman
A.R.M. Inc. dba Fuel Safe