Andy Harmon

Project Manager & Building Envelope Specialist

Andy has 15 years of experience in public, commercial and senior facility architecture and building envelope consulting. In addition to managing his own projects, Andy works closely with other teams to make certain that exterior wall, opening, and roof details are designed and specified correctly. Though extremely thorough and concise in his work, Andy is a bit of a cut-up and enjoys some levity in the workplace.

He earned his Master of Architecture at the University of Oregon, and his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Michigan. He completed Graduate Coursework in Cold Climate Design and Arctic Engineering at the University of Alaska. He has volunteered for Architects Without Borders, Edible Skylines LLC, is a member of the Greater Bend Rotary, and participates in City Club of Central Oregon.

Andy is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for fishing and enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys.